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Goodyear has OTR tires for a wide variety of applications
with numerous innovations to help lower operating costs.


From surface and underground mines to quarries, construction sites and ports, Goodyear has an OTR tire for a wide variety of applications.
a dump truck surface mining



a backhoe on construction/quarry site



OTR vehicle underground mining



OTR vehicle on site for port/industrial handling




Cutting-Edge Innovations

Our world-class research and development teams deliver exclusive technologies to increase durability, extend tire life and lay the groundwork for coming trends.

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Tire Construction

image of a backhoe lifting a large piece of rubble

Built to Work Hard

Goodyear OTR tire compounds and tread patterns are engineered to
tackle a variety of applications, even under the toughest conditions.


Building a Better Future

Goodyear is committed to creating a more sustainable world. OTR tire construction initiatives include innovative new materials, reducing tire weight and optimizing compound selection. Our tire performance initiatives include increasing load-carrying capacity, extending hours to removal and maintaining casing retreadability. It's all to help both Goodyear and our customers achieve sustainability goals.

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Tire Naming

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Unique Names,
Specific Meanings

From radial or bias to tread depth and design, every
Goodyear OTR tire serves a purpose, and so does its name.


Don't Let Your Assets
Go To Waste

OTR retreads provide like-new performance to help extend
tire life, optimize your investment and reduce waste.

image of a construction vehicle with OTR tires

lineup of 5 Goodyear OTR tires

Find The Right Tires
For Your Operation