Site analysis: Look at what's under your tires

Optimal tire performance starts with smart tire selection. When choosing tires, pay attention to tread design. You might be presented with several design options that on the surface seem equally viable. However, what's beneath your tire – the underfoot – will help determine what tread design you ultimately should use.

Is the underfoot soft? If so, a tire with a shallower tread depth might be appropriate. Is the underfoot rocky? In that case, you might want to use a tire that has a deeper tread depth for enhanced traction.

While evaluating underfoot conditions, look for other potential problem areas, including roads that lead into and out of the site. Are they free of rocks and other debris that could cut into tires? How are they manicured? Are there things that can be done to help improve traction? How many curves are your trucks required to navigate? How steep are the surface inclines?

If you have questions, contact your Goodyear representative, who can evaluate your site's underfoot condition and make a tire recommendation.